It’s no wonder that carpeting is the most popular bedroom floor covering. The bedroom floor is where we bookend our day; it's the first thing our toes touch in the morning and the last thing we feel before we hop into bed at night. A rug is warm, soft, and plush.

People are always asking us what kind of carpet is best. The bedroom is a low-traffic area, so your priorities will be mainly appearance and comfort. Unless you also use part of it for a home gym or office, it just needs weekly vacuuming and periodic spot treatment. These are the three priorities of bedroom carpets.

Sound insulation

This is especially important if you have infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours. The great thing about rugs is they provide cushioning to deaden footsteps, beeping devices, and muffled conversations, but keep in mind that the thicker the rug, the more sound insulation.

Softness and sophistication

You'll hear the term “cut-pile” a lot in the carpet store, especially when you’re shopping for a bedroom rug. All cut-piles are generally soft, but high pile rugs, such as the Shag, are incredibly fluffy. Saxony Plush, with its velvety feeling underfoot, is another good choice. However, looped piles are typically not as soft as a cut-pile, so they're best installed in high-traffic areas.


Even though Texas doesn't get too cold very often, there's just no worse feeling than stepping on a hard, cold surface first thing in the morning. You don't need to worry about that with carpet. It has an R-value, the insulation measurement, because it holds on to the temperature of an already warm or chilly room. Padding also has an R-value, and when the two combine, the number is greatly enhanced.

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